How much does a toy robot cost?

Programmable Robot Kits For Adults

The price of a toy robot varies according to the type and purpose it proposes. As we have seen, there are many different models and this makes it impossible to answer the question univocally. Generally speaking, the higher the degree of technology used in the product, the higher its price on the market programmable robot kits for adults.

For example, the cost of remote-controlled and transformable robots is usually limited: we are talking about objects whose technological component is rather low and the materials used do not differ much from those of a common toy. For animal robots and interactive robots, the figure varies with the level of complexity: some stand out in their respective reference categories precisely because of the ambitions of the designers and the audience they are intended for.

In the world of collecting, different rules apply. If we consider iconic robot models, it happens that their cost is increased by the fame they enjoy. When a robot appears in a hit film or in a much-loved series, the toy version is immediately released, designed to attract fans.

If we turn to vintage robotics , the price of older toy robots is impressive: some examples reach figures of 4 zeros and can only be purchased from specialized collectors. These robots are more of a historical artifact for connoisseurs than a technological object.

Programmable Robot Kits For Adults

Why buy a robot toy?

There are so many reasons to buy a small toy robot! In this introduction we have touched on many: fun, learning, collecting, curiosity, company, etc. If we had to list the main ones in a synthetic way, we could summarize them as follows:

Robots are educational : Through programming, design, the use of languages ​​it is possible to increase many specific skills : building a robot enhances logic, creativity, teaches coding . When it comes to games for young children, thanks to the support of specific robots your children will be supported in their cognitive development and stimulated in the right way! It is no coincidence that education of all levels is finally taking an interest in coding and robotics: more and more schools and universities offer these disciplines in their programs, having recognized their high pedagogical value and professional usefulness.

Robots are fun : When we interact with a robot, we are filled with genuine amazement. Robots are different from other toys, our girls and boys notice them immediately: they almost have a life of their own, they move without being moved, they talk, listen, laugh, dance. How not to fall in love with such an object? But robots are not a passive game! They fully fall into the category of intelligent games, those that stimulate cognitive abilities through fun.

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